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Seville virtual tour (Sevilla)

Seville is a city with great attractions in this virtual tour we will be touring some of these places, but please visit the city in person, it´s worth. Most of the panoramic photos of this virtual tour were made in the spring, just before Easter 2009. It is a pity that the photos do not smell, because we miss the smell of orange blossom that in these days filled the air of the city. Seville has´... ...
Granada Virtual Trip (Granada)

What can we say of Granada? It is a city with a special enchantment , famous throughout the world. So we are not going to give many data in this presentation of the route (so far). The beauty of its corners andits monuments and the kindness of its people, atract thousands of people around the world that visit Granada every year.In this virtual visit around the city of Granada we will follow a rout... ...
La Mamola Virtual Trip (Granada)

LaMamola is located in the most Eastern zone of the coast of Granada. The distance that separates it of the capital of the province is of about 150 km, Almeria is at 80 km towards the East and Motril is at 30 Kmtowards the West. The access to La Mamola, administrative capital of the Municipality of the La Mamola-Polopos, is made through the N-340 highway. The municipality ofLa Mamola - Polopos ... ...
Terrassa Virtual Trip (Barcelona)

The city of Terrassa is located about 30 km from Barcelona in the region of Valles Occidental. The origins of the city are quite remote, existed in the Roman era the city of Egara that settled on the Iberian Egosa.  The city of Egara claimed some significance during the Visigoth time, held in this city the Council of Egara in the year 615, summoned by the king Sisebuto. After the Muslim invasion... ...
Ibieca and the San Miguel de Foces church Virtual Trip (Huesca)

Ibieca is located 23 kilometers from Huesca, the provincial capital. Access to the village can be done from the road National 240 in the direction of Huesca Barbastro we will find the road to Ibieca to the left at the beginning of a huge line shortly after the population of Siétamo (about 17 km from Huesca ). If we come from Barbastro diversion is right at the end of the line shortly after ... ...


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