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Granada, Granada, España

We are at the ´San Miguel Bajo´ square, next to the Monastery of St. Elizabeth Real. Here we can see the facade of the Church of ´San Miguel Bajo´. This church was built over a mosque in 1501. Between 1528 and 1539 the top half was amended by Antonio Fernandez and the carpenter Gil Martin. Between 1551 and 1556 the bottom half was changed by Alonso Villanueva and carpenter Gabriel Martinez. The cover design was probably made by Siloe and was carved by Juan Pedro de Alcántara and Asteasu.

Close to the main door there is a reservoir belonging to the ancient mosque, built by the s.XIII with horseshoe arch pointer on shafts of Roman columns.
This pleasant plaza is at the end of the Albaicín which is closer to the city centre. It is a good place to take a breathe when we visit the Albaicín.