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All travel to Barcelona should include of course the visit to the Holy Family, the Gothic Quarter, Montjuic, the Ramblas, etc.. But Barcelona is much more if you known how to find it. Every city has many attractions here will try to show that hidden pearls in our virtual tour. 

At this site we will maintain a virtual tour through the city of Barcelona that will expand continuously. We hope this site will serve to know the city before travelling and to help them decide to make your travel to Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with a great tourist attraction thanks to Europeans and Americans primarily. Since the Olympic Games of 1992 travels to Barcelona have been multiplied by 1,000. 

Thousands of tourists walk the main streets of Barcelona any day of the year, it does not matter if it is cold or hot, each day has its attractiveness to organize a trip to Barcelona

You can click on ´Continue visit´ to start the virtual tour, or you can also browse the map below. 

In addition to the virtual tour, we also offer a series of links that we hope will be of interest and help you to plan your trip to Barcelona (we are sorry but the links are not in english).


  • Events in Barcelona: A whole list of events of interest to those who might match your trip to Barcelona to make it even more attractive. 
  • Concerts in Barcelona: The entire list updated daily from the concerts being held in the city, so you can amenizar your trip to Barcelona.
  • Clubs in Barcelona: If you want your trip to Barcelona is one of the most enjoyable experience we advise you to follow the selection of the best clubs in the city. 
  • Restaurants in Barcelona:  Any trip to Barcelona should incorporate the tasting of the best cuisine in the list of restaurants that offer you here.
  • Theaters in Barcelona: Here you have the billboard of Barcelona updated theaters, a touch of culture in his trip to Barcelona.


Find points of interest on the map that follows, look for the following icons:

Zona con varios puntos de interés.

/ Punto de interés.

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