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Calle la Iglesia 11-13,
22640 Sallent de Gállego, Huesca, España

The Parish Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, in Sallent de Gallego  is a late Gothic style temple built in the sixteenth century on an earlier Romanesque building. Today, its volume is partly hidden by several detached buildings on its western side, which are integrated in all for being made, like the church, combined with ashlar masonry at the corners and also have slate roofs .

It consists of a ship with two sections covered with star vaults, side chapels on both sides of the first section and a polygonal apse. It has a sacristy on the north side of the head, a choir loft at the foot and a square tower and three bodies in south-west corner. The tower was the former prison of the town, adapted as a belfry in the sixteenth century to rebuild the church.

Access is along the southern side through a gap saved by a ramp and stairs. The cover is decorated with a monogram of Christ from the original Romanesque building and the hymn Gloria in Excelsis.

It houses great works of art of interest such as the High Altarpiece (plateresco), commissioned by Juan de Lanuza (Justice of Aragon), the Cross Parish and the seated image of the Virgen de las Nieves (patron of the town).