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The present entrance to the Alcazar is through the so-called Lion´s Gate, formerly the door of the hunt, serve as input for the patio or porch of that name. Its construction is made Almohad style, covered by a panel of tiles in ceramic factory Triana Mensaque, in 1894, according to historian Joseph Gestoso project.

After the XII century Moorish wall, you enter the courtyard of the Lion. To the left of this courtyard is the Hall of Justice and the bottom opens a set of three arches in a wall, the remains of an ancient Almohad canvas fabric that was part of the defensive fortress. These openings were made, after the construction of the Palace of King Don Pedro, opening to the axis with the palace. The two side arches were originally twins and horseshoe-shaped, central, taller than the sides, forms a stilted arch, made of stone. Transferred arcs are accessing the Patio de la Monteria.