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Calle Carrera del Genil 42,
18005 Granada, Granada, España

The Church of Our Lady of Sorrows is a Baroque facade building that was built in the seventeenth century under the direction of José Luis Ortega. In its external structure include its high bell towers and capitals covered with glazed tiles, it also important to note the cover that has an image of the Pietà by Bernardo and José de Mora. Inside, beautifully decorated, stands the statue of Our Lady of Sorrows, a work of Bernardo de Mora. Our Lady of the Sorrows is the patron saint of Granada. Inside the church can also be emphasized the altarpiece, which was conducted by Fernandez Raya, and has marble and serpentine stone. In the month of September takes place the floral offering to the Virgin of Sorrows with great devotion of Granada citizens is one of the main celebrations in the city.