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Granada, Granada, España

The original name of Corral coal was the Alhóndiga Gigida, was built at the beginning of the XIV century, during the Muslim era, and was used as a warehouse of goods and shelter for merchants. It is the only building of its kind to be preserved in its entirety in Spain. 

And after the reconquest, was used as hosting for coal carriers and later became a theatre, hence its name, later it became a home, until 1933 when it was acquired by the state and renovated by architect Leopold Torres Balbás.

The building is quadrangular plant, has an entry pavilion with a large horseshoe arch, which gives way to the lobby with a beautiful dome. From here we go to the courtyard of the building, surrounded by galleries that open on all three floors of the building. In the center we see a fountain of stone with two pipes.

It has recently regained its status as a theater, and theatrical performances take place mostly in summer. Currently hosts the Provincial Culture Delegation of the Board of Andalusia, the Andalusian Legacy Foundation and the City of Grenada Orchestra.