José A. Navarro

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Calle de la Compañía 2-8,
37002 Salamanca, Salamanca, España

The house of the shells is an original building that combines Gothic, Renaissance and Mudejar.

Certainly the most remarkable is its facade decorated with more than 300 shells and multiple coats of arms and shields. The decorative value of the wall is a characteristic of the Renaissance, the facades of urban palaces are covered with decorative elements such as diamond points or peaks. The originality of the Casa de las Conchas is not alone in the chosen theme, but also  the diamond orgnanization of the shells, a Mudejar characteristic.

In front of La Casa de las Conchas is the Clergy , which is the name given to the former Royal College of the Holy Spirit of the Society of Jesus, built in Salamanca between s. Seventeenth and XVIII centuries in Baroque style. Difference between school, with an interesting monastery and the church, with an impressive facade of three bodies. Clergy name was abbreviated due to their membership of the Royal Clergy San Marcos after the expulsion of the Jesuits from Spain. Currently houses the offices of the Pontifical University of Salamanca