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The Loggia della Signoria, also called Loggia de Lanzi (because camped here Lanzichenecchi in the year 1527) or broker of Orcagna (a mistaken attribution to the project architect´s brother), was built between 1379 and 1381 by Benci di Cione (Orcagna brother) and Simone di Francesco Talenti . From the architectural point of view the building combines elements of Gothic, as the pillars on the facade and the crown, with elements of classical matrix as large arcs.

During the sixteenth century, the broker loses its original function, once coming within the democratic structure, to become a sort of outdoor museum of sculpture in the collection of the Medici. In 1555 Cosimo I de ´Medici install the Perseus of Cellini and in 1585 Francesco I placed the Rape of the Sabine by Giambologna . In the late eighteenth century, at the time of Pietro Leopoldo di Lorena , was a new order, with the installation in the corridor of many ancient sculptures, transferable to Florence from the Villa Medici in Rome. Successive changes of the century, in the end, strengthened the appearance of the "Gallery of the Statues" which keeps so far.