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The Plaza de la Villa is located in the historic quarter of Madrid, near Main Street, which forms its northern face. It is home to three small streets for the early medieval streets of the city: the elbow is in the east, the Cord to the south and the west of Madrid.

In its outline are the main facades of three buildings of great historical and artistic value, raised in different centuries. The oldest is the House and Tower Lujanes (fifteenth century), built in Gothic-Mudejar style, which is located on the eastern side of the square.

Next in antiquity the Casa de Cisneros (sixteenth century), a palace plateresque closing the southern part of the enclosure, and the Casa de la Villa (siglo XVII) of Baroque, One of the headquarters of the Municipality of Madrid, located in the western part of the square.

The Plaza de la Villa was one of the principal centers of medieval Madrid, given its location midway between the door of Guadalajara and the de la Vega, two of the most important entrances of the city during the Middle Ages.

Formerly known as Plaza de San Salvador, the church of the same name that stood on Main Street in the portico of which were held Town Hall meetings, and today is remembered by a plaque located on the site stood the temple (about the number 70 of that track).

In the fifteenth century, the Plaza de la Villa adopted its current name in conjunction with the granting of the title of Noble and Loyal Villa received by Madrid, from King Henry IV of Castile (1425-1474).